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Profile information, PhD Physics Fall 2021


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Looking for some advice/guidance on my profile for applying Ph.D. in Physics in Fall 2021. I plan to take the Physics GRE in September, but I am worried that it will not be able to be administered due to COVID . . . Has anyone heard about how programs are planning for this contingency?

Type of Student: Domestic Male
Applying to: Physics PhD (undecided concentration)

Undergrad Institution: Big 10, Honors College
Undergraduate Major: Dual majoring in Physics and Engineering Science and Mechanics
Undergraduate GPA: 4.0 major, 4.0 total (out of 4.0)

Academic Honors: Deans list every semester, several school-based academic scholarships and awards, several scholarships in physics and engineering out side of school, PA NASA Space Grant Consortium scholarship, Goldwater nominee (not awarded)

Work Experience: Some private math and physics tutoring, seeking a TA position for fall

GRE General Test: Q 170 166 5.0. (taken once)

GRE Physics: Not taken (September/October) if available

Research Experience: 2 years campus with mentor professor (published twice, one lead author), 2 summers at BNL in NY (published twice), several posters and lectures

Recommendation Letters: 1 of them will be from my mentor  professor and the other 2 will be from the professors who I took courses with.  Would also like to use my BNL mentor??

Planning on Applying to:

  • Penn State
  • Stony Brook
  • Yale
  • Duke
  • MIT
  • Harvard
  • UVA
  • Virginia Tech
  • Brown
  • Willam and Mary
  • Wake Forest
  • Princeton
  • U of Maryland

Would love some input on chances, suggestions for additional schools (looking to stay in this general area) and anything else that may help!


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