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Chances for a second PhD in Statistics/Biostatistics for someone with a Epi PhD

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Here is my profile:

B.Sc. in Applied Statistics (non-US)

M.S. in Applied Statistics (non-US)

M.S. in Biostatistics (US)

Ph.D. in Epidemiology (US)

An Epidemiology Ph.D. seemed like a good option during then because Statistics was tougher, it took usually 3 years to graduate in my Epi program, and it aligned with my research lab I was working with. But now I feel I want to do more theoretical work and my Ph.D. training in Epi lacked enough theoretical courses in Statistics/Biostatistics. I'm happy to apply for a Ph.D. in Statistics/Biostatistics to train myself better and be a proper statistician but worried about how my profile and application will be seen. My interest lies in academia and I think a Statistics/Biostatistics Ph.D. will add value to my profile. But I'm not sure how an application for a second Ph.D. would look like. Any thoughts?

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