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State Schools: Defer to get residency?


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Hi everyone,

I was accepted to WUSTL and Smith for fall 2010. Although they gave me some money, I'm left feeling nervous about taking out $35k+ loans for my MSW.

I'm going to defer for a year to save up money before starting, but am also considering applying to some state schools while I'm waiting. I'm in no rush to start, and have no particular ties to any geographic location, so I'm up for moving to establish residency. Debt is scary to me. Waiting a year or two to start a masters is not.

My question is: does anyone know if it's possible to defer at some of the more reputable state school programs, only in order to establish residency? Off the top of my head, I'm considering UNC, UT Austin, and Berkley (Oh, I guess I do have one geographic limitation...cold weather! hate it! :).

I'm seriously considering checking out Chapel Hill, as I've heard great things about the town. I might even move down there in August to set up shop on a hope and a prayer that I'll get in the following year. If I don't, I have two other great programs to go to just in case.

Thanks for your time, y'all!

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Check state regulations on state residency. It varies from state to state. Some make it easy to reclassify, others do not. Worst case scenario, decline the admit, establish residency then reapply.

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I considered doing this too. If you want to defer or reapply to get residency, you'll more than likely need to move very soon. I looked into doing this for a few universities and many use a certain date by which residency must be obtained. For example, I think for many places you had to live there from June 1st 2010-June 1st 2011 to gain residency by fall 2011. If that makes sense. Good luck!

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