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Doubts about starting MA during COVID-19 pandemic


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Hi everyone,

I was all set to travel to Paris to start a two-year master's in economics and psychology, but during my last week at home I started getting some serious doubts about my decision. I'm looking for some rational advice on this topic because I have no idea what to do.

Background: Econ and math BSc from top Canadian university, 2+ years of experience in digital consulting. Working remotely as a translator for the past year due to COVID and family issues.

Pros of program:
- Additional skills
- Filling a gap in my resume
- Waiting out the pandemic while doing something useful
- Opportunity to live in Paris
- Social environment

- 2 years away from my family, uncertainty about future border closures
- Loss of potential income, and I still have 3k+ debt that needs to be paid off and no funding for program/living costs
- Locked into a program for 2 years, with no chance to change course during this time
- Potential issues related to COVID-19
- This summer, I discovered my passion for writing again, and have finished a draft for a novel that has some potential. I've started a professional creative writing course and I might not have time to pursue it during my master's.

My plane was supposed to leave earlier this week, but it was cancelled last-minute. My next plane leaves this weekend. I've had some serious anxiety considering this decision, and I have no idea what's best for me... Please help?

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