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2021 admissions suspended, next steps?


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Now that Berkeley, NYU, Brown, Columbia have all suspended their admissions for 2021 for anthropology programs, I was hoping I could get some advice on next steps. Should I expand my applications to include more schools, the ones still offering funding? However I have not initiated any conversations with many of the remaining schools, and am now worried it will be too late to start a conversation with a POI. Should I apply to a master's program like NSSR? Or should I take a year to do more independent research, strengthen my application and apply again? My fear is that the situation may not even improve next year, the way things are panning out with Covid.

To give you more context about my profile, I am an international applicant with a background in photography (history, theory and independent practice). I am a visiting faculty teaching graduate level courses on photography history, and have co founded and run an online archive of photography (which also involves fieldwork and ethnography). My application is centered around an independent research and photography project I have been working on looking at evolving media representations of urban space in South Asia.

Thank you!

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Sit down, Write out pros and cons for each choice, then talk it over with loved ones/family/mentors, then decide what YOU want to do. Nobody knows what to do because this is the first time any of us has been put in this situation. At the end, just be confortable with the choice you end up making.

Good luck!

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