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Question to those with heavy mathematics/statistics background in undegrad

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It's gonna depend on how hard your undergrad math/stats was and how hard your grad program is and what your inherent math talent is and what classes you took in undergrad. Diff EQ? not helpful. Linear algebra, real analysis? slightly helpful. ANOVA with linear algebra? Very helpful. Math stats? helpful. Design of experiments? Surprisingly unhelpful. The people who are going to have the easiest level are those coming in seriously thinking about being a methodologist, which means probably some past experience in math/stats/metrics beyond just the undergrad level. 

middling school undergrad -> tippy top program known for hard methods: it's probably gonna be kinda hard, and at least definitely harder than your undergrad. you can probably get by with studying less than the modal student but you can't expect to be the best kid in the class without trying (and you generally can't expect to be the best kid in the class even if you're trying). 

tippy top -> tippy top: same as above, but maybe a little easier if you have the right preparation. 

tippy top undergrad -> a school outside of like the top 15 or so:  it's not going to keep you up at night. you can probably bank on being the best kind in the class without trying too hard. then again, if you go from a tippy top undergrad to a substantially lower ranked grad school, you made the wrong decision just generally. 

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