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I need help with my weird academic history

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Hey all. I have been struggling to address my academic history in my SOP in a way that is not all-consuming. I am applying to MLIS (Library Science) programs and so many scholarships and funding opportunities. I am writing this post to explain what happened, how I see that it has affected my life, and ask for help in how to spin it in a positive (but brief) way. TW for sexual violence and mental health issues.

I was raped and abused by someone in Spring 2014. My grades slipped, that whole summer I was really struggling and constantly anxious. By the second week of senior year, I had to drop out because I kept seeing him on campus and I was breaking down. I moved back home, tried to get my health under control. I kept trying to go back to school at different local schools and kept leaving. I was diagnosed with PTSD and finally started getting my sh*t together. I was working a retail job and got promoted to Assistant Manager. I left for greener pastures and am at my current workplace. I've been here for almost 3 years and have been promoted three times in two different departments. I know this will look strong and I know,  in conjunction with some volunteer work and other past involvement in mentoring/camp counseling/other youth-oriented programs, I have the ability to prove that I have the intention, drive and ability to handle a graduate program. I learned a lot about listening to myself, knowing my limits, etc. I also got diagnosed with ADHD which explains a lot of why I was having a had time with my academics through all of that as well. Obviously, those aren't like *great* things to come out and reveal to an admissions team. But there is absolutely no doubt that these things have affected both how I grew as a person and how they will view my transcript history.

I'm a little nervous to post this, but could really use some help (and kindness, please). Thank you!

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I agree that you'll have to address this in your SOP, but I would recommend minimizing specifics. In my opinion, the SOP is more like a professional cover letter than a college admissions essay; you shouldn't include any information you wouldn't tell a potential employer. Mentioning that you dropped out due to mental health issues (or even simply health issues), and that you've addressed them effectively, might be enough. You could also ask your LOR writers to address your reliability/persistence to show that you'll "stick with it" during your degree. Hope that helps, and good luck with apps!

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I have a suggestion for you.

Write something like this in the first three paragraphs. 

Early on my senior year in school, I got assaulted and was diagnosed with PTSD and ADHD, which consequently had an affect on my grades.......


And something like this somewhere around the last

And my experience with sexual assault has led me to grow immensely as a person and the way to deal in situations of crisis.....


I would highly recommend you that you don't write more than 100 words about that incident and keep it short. Tbh, they won't like to hear about that much, instead they just want to know whether you fit in the program or not. So you better focus more on that. 

I wish you all the luck for your application and more power to you for overcoming all the challenges in your life! XOXO

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