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Should I submit these post-grad grades?

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Hi all, 

Debating whether to share these post-grad grades for my MS Stats applications this year (to Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, UChicago, Duke). For context, I went to undergrad 5-6 years ago at UC Berkeley and got a 3.66 overall GPA, but with lower grades in some key math classes.

  • Math courses: Multivariate calc (A), Lower-div Linear Algebra (B+), Upper-div Probability (A-), Upper-div Linear Algebra (B+), Real Analysis (B+), Numerical Analysis (A), Complex Analysis (A-), Abstract Algebra (B)
  • Econ courses: Micro (A), Macro (A-), Econometrics (A-), Mathematical Econ (A), Applied Econometrics (B), Economics Research (B-), Advanced Topics in Development (A+), Public Economics (A), Urban Economics (A+), Honors Thesis (A)

I recently completed two courses at the Master's level at Stanford, and got A- in both for linear optimization and statistical inference. I'm technically not required to report these grades, and I'm debating whether I should. I heard it might not be a good signal to get an A- in grad level classes since grad school grades very loosely. What are your thoughts? Am I being paranoid?

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As a fellow Berkeley grad, I totally empathize with your "low" math grades (they're not that low).  They're hardcore, their curriculum makes no sense, and they're horrible at teaching... Also going to Berkeley destroys most (if not all) of your self-esteem. 

ANYWAY, I think your grades in general are fine enough for masters programs. I also think you should submit your Stanford grades and you're being too paranoid. I think you'll be just fine. ?

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