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Masters programs in the US for Professional Writing?

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Hello, first time poster (long-time lurker) to this forum!

I was hoping to get some information about graduate programs in the USA that focus on professional writing.


I’m from Canada, and I’ve worked in the communications field for the past 5 years, with a particular focus on business writing.

I’d like to pursue an MA degree to improve my writing, storytelling skills and overall craft. I’m not looking to pursue a PhD, nor am I looking to work in Academia.

Does anyone have information about  programs that focus more on writing/content development? I’ve been eyeing MSU’s Masters in Digital Rhetoric and Professional Writing, as well as CMU’s Professional Writing program.

Also, what are job prospects like in the field?

If anyone can offer insights or wisdom it would be very helpful!

Many thanks in advance.


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The University of Minnesota has an MS in Technical and Scientific Writing (through their writing studies dept). 

And George Mason doesn't have a full program, but they have a grad certificate for Professional and Technical writing.

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