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This depends on the university.

The university where I'm doing my PhD at does not have a compulsory TA-ship (I went for it anyway, but I didn't have to. I applied for it, and was then "matched" with a professor who had applied for a TA at the time. Either one of us could have declined at any point, but we didn't and so we started working together. Before I started my TA-ship, we discussed my duties, the pay I would get, and the hours I was expected to work per semester. If I went overtime, I was required to mark down the "overtime hours" for which I was compensated).

A friend of mine in a partner university has the TA-ship as a compulsory part of her PhD experience, and to my understanding she doesn't get paid for it. In some universities they offer the TA-ship as a way to cover for study expenses, but I have no personal experience in that.

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