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Profile Evaluation Request - Comparative and IR


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Hey guys,

I've been a bit stressed out as I'm submitting apps so I wanted to get a rough idea of where I'm likely to be accepted at this time.

Institution: Undergrad at a Midwest private school, finished in 3 years (3.99 CGPA / 4.00 major GPA) | current master's student in extremely selective fellowship (think Rhodes, Knight-Hennessy) (No GPA yet)

Major: Individualized Conflict Resolution Major

LOR: Two profs who graduated from top 20 schools (including ones I am applying to) and another recently retired prof

GRE: No GRE this year due to pandemic constraints. I am only applying to GRE-optional schools. 

Research Experience: 6 research presentations including one as conference keynote speaker, one is upcoming this year and two include LOR as advisor. 2 publications in school's undergraduate journal (non-peer reviewed). wrote an honors thesis (which is one of the publications). As part of master's, pursuing research with top-80 global think tanks on global governance.

SOP: emphasizes mixed-methods research and builds on work from honors thesis. 

Writing Sample: Chapters from honors thesis

Methods: Mostly qualitative (one statistics course), but taking two quant focused economy and pol. economy classes in master's to show quantitative orientation. got an A in one of them already.

Subfield: Comparative and IR

Awards: undergrad research award, undergrad honors research grant, award from NGO affiliated with UN

Schools: UCB, Rice, Michigan, Concordia, Cornell, Yale, Princeton, Chicago


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