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asking my POI's advice for my summer plan - would it be too ludicrous?


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Hey guys! I've applied for a PhD program overseas and I'm still waiting for the admission results to come out. The thing is, I was offered an interim internship opportunity which will last until late August next year. Not knowing by no latter than when I'm expected to be at the University to join the lab in case I get accepted, I'm really uncertain of whether I should accept the internship offer or not. Do you think it would be too ludicrous if I asked my POI for his advice regarding this matter? In other words, will it be too preposterous to ask him if I could join the team in late August in case I get accepted, even when the admission results are not yet available? The internship offer is to be either accepted or rejected by no later than this Friday, so it's kinda urgent. What do you guys think? 

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