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NPSIA (Carleton University) Application



Hi everyone,

I am preparing my application for NPSIA, for fall 2021 entry.

Does anyone know if you submit your application and pay your fee without uploading your statement of intent if the system will allow you to submit the statement later?

Or do you have to upload your final version of your statement of intent before you pay the application fee?

Thanks in advance


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That's honestly a great question. I don't know how relevant this is, but when I was talking to the program admin for MDS, he said that transcripts can be sent later on to him, if there are any updates. So I think, if you officially submit your application without your letter, you will have to forward it to the NPSIA admin and can't change it in the system yourself.

But then again, the statement of intent is the main part of your application, other than your grades and references. If I were, I wouldn't risk.


Good luck with your applications!

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@Bio_HUM Thank you for your response! I never got an e-mail notification about your response so my apologies for the later response. 

@notalurkeranymore, sorry for not updating my post; have not been on here for a while. So yes, in fact you can upload your statement of intent after having paid the fees. I have included a quote of an e-mail communication I had with the NPSIA admissions team 

"Yes, you will have until the January 31st deadline to upload all application documents, even after you have submitted your application fee. We will not be reviewing files until the beginning of February, so as long as the documents are uploaded by the 31st there will be no issue. For more information on uploading additional documents after you have submitted an application, please see this link:https://graduate.carleton.ca/apply-online/required-documents/"

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