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Profile Evaluation Request (American Politics/Political Psychology)


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This is my first application cycle on gradcafe and I have had trouble figuring out where I stand in the pool of applicants, hopefully you guys can help!

Schools: Berkeley, MIT, Duke, Michigan, Wisconsin, Yale, Ohio State, Stony Brook


Type of Undergrad Institution: Pretty well regarded land-grant institution, R1 school

Major(s)/Minor(s): Psychology Major, Political Science Minor

Undergrad GPA: 3.4 with 3.65 Psych major GPA (3.74 political science minor GPA) My grades were lower my first 1.5 years in college due to being in a stem program, they were ~3.6-3.7 the last 2.5 years of college.

GRE: V: 162 Q: 161 AW: 4.5

Any Special Courses: I took some grad courses and participated in several data science courses and faculty groups.

Writing Sample: A manuscript from an independent research project I did in my senior year.

Letters of Recommendation: 1 from a professor at my undergraduate institution (PhD in psychology, joint appointed in political science), 1 from a professor I'm doing research work with at an Ivy league university, 2 from professors at a top 25 program who I am doing a research project with

Research Experience: 1 Manuscript in preparation, 1 conference, A senior independent research project, 2.5 years lab experience from my undergrad institution (3 separate labs), about half a year of lab experience virtually at ivy league school, about half a year virtual lab experience at top 25 political science program.

Subfield/Research Interests: American Politics/Political Behavior

I would just love to get some feedback because I can't tell how much of a killer my GPA might end up being or if people end up taking other things into account? I really feel great about my statement of purpose and other application materials, as I was working on them closely with various faculty members since August. Also trying to figure out how my research experience stacks up against other applicants. Really would appreciate your insights!

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