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Getting Masters/Ph.d in the UK


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Hello, I have a question in relation to studying abroad and then returning back home to Canada. I just finished my undergrad this past year and I've been thinking about getting my Masters of Sports Psychology in the UK followed by my Ph.D. I would want to come back to Canada and get licensed, likely in AB, BC or Ontario. I've looked at the Cpa page regarding this but it doesn't really go into detail. I am looking at the UK specifically because it is a shorter program and I didn't get the chance to study abroad while in undergrad so I figured it would be a potentially good opportunity to take. I would imagine I would need to take some written and oral examination providing that what I learned was up to par with the Canadian standards. 
Has anyone been through this process and can shed some more light on the route in which they took and if it was worth it?
Thank you in advance.
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I would reach out to the licensing board directly. I don't know about Canada, but I know it is very difficult to do in the US. The APA and CPA have outlined similar training standards and have an accord that allows for completion of degree/certain licensing requirements in either country. However, because the UK programs are shorter, they may not meet the requirements that exist in Canada. I know they don't for the US. 

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