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Mastering out/advisor threatening students

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Hello everybody, gonna rant a little bit but the TLDR is my advisor threatened to not let me get my PhD and I have a whole 2 years remaining, and my advisor is a very spiteful person. Mastering out and becoming a high school teacher (I love TAing and I've had experience with some pretty immature classes) sounds like a pretty comfy option now. Anyway...


Advisor has become increasingly abusive since the pandemic and has watched students legitimately pass out from overworking with no concern. Has decided to resort to name calling and the past month won't even talk to me, delegates all communication through other students. I fear my advisor is the type of person who would spitefully withold a degree, even masters. After this semester I would have 10+ publications so far, the majority being first author. Advisor is deeply entrenched in department and university politics so would impossible to do anything about this. Is it worth risking 2 years of my life or should I just save my sanity, drop out, and pursue a job that pays little but I would probably love?

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