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  1. Hello everybody, gonna rant a little bit but the TLDR is my advisor threatened to not let me get my PhD and I have a whole 2 years remaining, and my advisor is a very spiteful person. Mastering out and becoming a high school teacher (I love TAing and I've had experience with some pretty immature classes) sounds like a pretty comfy option now. Anyway... Advisor has become increasingly abusive since the pandemic and has watched students legitimately pass out from overworking with no concern. Has decided to resort to name calling and the past month won't even talk to me, delegates all
  2. Another option is to see if they will allow you to drop-down to a M.S. at your current institution, that way you can save face and maybe take some extra classes in agronomy-related classes. Can I ask why you changed from being a chemistry major? Also what makes you interested in agronomy specifically, are you a biology nut? Asking these questions because I have a B.S. in chemistry and one in geology as well. I've looked at many different careers with the qualities you're looking for (lab, highly detailed, and with field work) and I'm wondering what interests you in the chemical worl
  3. Depends on the program. In general, it means you are on at least an unofficial waitlist, they don't want to drop you just yet but they don't have the slots for you. I know of some universities waiting until April 15th to send rejections while others are a little less insidious and are honestly trying to see if someone is rejecting their offer. One case I know is a guy who was accepted in early on but wasn't told until April because they forgot to tell him! Email professors and see where you are at, better to know now and at least show some interest in their program, that's how I just learned I
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