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Interview for Cambridge MPhil in Classics


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Hey! I did this program last year. The interview was somewhat formal, and they asked me right away to speak about my proposed research process. Very little small talk, right to the point! Though of course that will depend on the interviewers' preference. It should be fine, there are no trick questions, it's just a conversation about your interests. My one piece of advice is to practice speaking eloquently and concisely about your proposed research, and ideas you might have for the three essays. You aren't really going to be bound to those topics if you enroll, but it's important to be able to present clear and sophisticated research plans during the interview. As for me, I stumbled a little during my interview because I expected it to be more of an informal chat and hadn't practiced talking about my research interests. But it was fine in the end. Don't be too worried about it! 

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I'll add - good luck on your interview! 

22 minutes ago, Mukta123 said:

Hi everyone, I have an interview for Cambridge's Mphil in Classics next week. I'm having difficulty finding any information about the Cambridge Classics MPhil interview specifically. How did yours go? What questions did they ask you? Also, if you could say also which professors you interviewed with that'd be great! Thanks in advance.


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