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Questions for Expected Quantitative Background in Agricultural Economics Phd Admission


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Hi guys, I will apply for the agricultural economics phd program in the future. By the way, I wonder if it's mandatory to take math courses(calculus, linear algebra, etc..) in getting admission from US ag. economics phd program. In case of Economics admission, they announce that applicants must have taken some math courses, but in case of ag. economics department, they just say they are "expecting applicants to have taken math courses".

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Hi! In Ag. Econ. it is probably less important to have some of the most advanced courses in mathematics (such as Real Analysis) compared to Econ programs. However, I think it if you want to apply to an Ag. Econ. program you should at least take the basic math courses (one year of calculus, linear algebra and some courses on statistics). Also, getting a good score in the GRE quantitative section can help you a lot. Note that some of the top programs in Ag. Econ. (such as Berkeley) are even more competitive than several Econ programs. I wish you good luck when applying next year!

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