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Interview with barely any questions (bad sign)?


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Hi guys,

In an interview, when a professor is telling you about their work and barely ask questions, is that typically a bad or good sign? There was encouragement to reach out to students to ask about moving there, but I'm reading into how short the interview was (15-20 minutes) I guess every other experience I've had was more like being interrogated and asked to justify your life haha. I guess it could be a great sign where they just wanted to make sure I was interested and the interview was a formality? Or bad because there wasn't a lot of questions. What has your experience been with interviews like that?

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I don't think that it is necessarily a bad sign... I have met PhD students personally who said during their own interviews they did not get to speak too much because of how much the professor was talking but they still got in. It could just mean they know they like you and it was your chance to evaluate for yourself how much you're interested in their research or maybe the professor just loves to talk. Try not to look into it too much... that can easily drive you mad more than anything else.

I think some would also be nervous if it were reversed and the professor barely spoke but forced you to ask a ton of questions. It's so easy to overthink each tiny thing in interviews. 

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