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Edinboro 2023 :)

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So Edinboro is a really small town (I think with only like 5000 people?), but it is super close to Erie, which is a lot bigger (like 95,000 people). I'm from Erie but work in Edinboro and it is about a 15-20 minute drive on the highway. Going from Edinboro to Erie, the first exit in Erie is near the mall and Peach Street with the majority of stores and restaurants. And an extra ~5 minutes on the highway can take you to downtown Erie (with more restaurants and the main hospitals) and other parts of the city like the lake. So, even though Edinboro is smaller, if there isn't something here that you need it will probably be in Erie. 

I haven't explored Edinboro that much yet because of the pandemic, but I had friends who went there for undergrad and its a cute town. There's a lake here that's really pretty that I drive by everyday. There are also a lot of local restaurants and shops, like a bagel shop that is amazing, and I think a couple of bars. There are also bigger chains like McDonalds, Dunkin, Sheets, and Walmart. I've only been inside the school once for an event but I've never visited the slp areas of the campus (but I think they sent a tour video in one of the emails). 

I do think that their slp grad program is really great and it seems like they have an awesome set of faculty, but I do not love EU as a whole (mainly just their undergraduate school). Specifically, I know that they cut a lot of undergrad programs within the past couple of years due to financial problems, but a lot of these programs were Arts related so I think they were not as popular. However, I think that they mentioned that they are doing a merger with two other small PA schools which is probably helping with financial problems. But I mean I think the SLP program gives out a lot of GA positions and I'm not too worried about this department in particular and I am trying to only focus on their grad program instead of the school as a whole. 

The main con for me is that it is very close to home and I went out of state for undergrad so I am not sure if I would love the location, but if you are an out of state student this shouldn't be a concern haha. But I'm still considering EU and I love how responsive and welcoming their faculty have been and I'm looking forward to the open house and if you are still considering it I would definitely try to visit :) Let me know if there is anything else I missed or needs emphasis!



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Hi from an undergrad alum!! I can’t answer questions about the grad program but if you have questions about the department or Boro in general, I can probably answer! :)

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I emailed Dr. Krival asking when we would hear back this morning. She told me that she was waiting as long as she could to make a waitlist so that those on the waitlist would actually have a chance at an acceptance. She said the waitlist is relatively short. Just now received an email saying I was on the waitlist. 


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