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Dual MSW/ MPH Programs


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Anybody else apply to dual msw/mph programs for Fall 2021? I’ve almost heard back from everywhere that I applied. What dual programs are y’all leaning towards? What do y’alls financial aid packages from the two different schools look like? I found out Mailman doesn’t send out packages because dual students start at the school of social work. My number one school was Columbia but even after the scholarship they gave me it looks like it’s gonna be too much. Really hoping I get into Berkeley because I’m from CA and they will probably  be cheapest.


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I applied to 1 dual program and still waiting. I'm based in Colorado and applied to CSU Fort Collins. That was the best option for me but I would've liked to applied to other schools. Moving out of state isn't an option. My partner also applied to a dual program and they got into University of Denver/ UC Denver. I also liked CSU because the dual program isn't through separate schools which I think really makes it so the dual degree is more expensive. 

Fingers crossed you get into Berkeley! It's such a pain waiting  lol 

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