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Parallel procedure on Etudes En France for international students

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I have applied to the Toulouse School of Economics. Based on instructions from the university website, I also submitted my application at the Etudes En France website. However, I got an email today mentioning that there is an error in my application as "The programs you have selected require parallel procedure on the institution website". I have already applied at the University website also. Does somebody know what they mean by this and how can I correct this. I can't find any helpful information regarding this anywhere or any means of contacting the relevant authority from Etudes En France.

Thanks in advance!

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I know that this a late answer, but in case some else need it. Étude en France (named also Campus France) is a messy system, there are three types of programs:

- Connecté: The entire application process is in the campus France platform, the application is reviewed by a campus agent before sent to the university and there is an interview report send with the application, in the section " Je suis candidat ". The masters shown on the platform, most of them are connected (not always, check the description).

- Non connectéThe application process is in the university website, once you get an acceptance letter you can start the campus France procedure in the section " Je suis accepté ".

- Procédure parallèle: Those are a connected masters, but the application of campus is not enough, you should apply also on the university website.

Étude en France procedure is very tricky, you have to check the description thoroughly and email the program coordinator to get more detail, sometime the descriptions are not updated for years !

In your case, you didn't complete the procedure, you still can email the program coordinator they are supportive, and maybe they have a suggestion for your case.

Good luck !

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