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Providing Info About One Program's Offer to Another -- Wise or Unwise?


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Ok, I have a "tactical" questions for folks. I'm waiting on two decisions (one is an almost certain rejection from my 'reach' school). The one that I still harbor any hope for (it's an MA program, FWIW) had a very early application deadline (12/1), and I still haven't heard anything. I broke down and emailed my POI to see if they could tell me anything, even off the record and probabilistic. 

They said I shouldn't assume that I wasn't going to be accepted, but that funding is an issue this cycle. They then asked me if I had been admitted anywhere else. 

I don't want to be rude and not reply, especially after they replied to my questions so quickly. I have been accepted with funding, to a department I would be very happy at. Do you think giving those details is advantageous or disadvantageous? I can imagine either -- the details making them want to "compete" for me (although this seems unlikely for an MA position), or the details making it easier to reject me, as the POI would know I will land somewhere. 

I'm probably overthinking, but aren't we all at this point? Thanks in advance, and best of luck to you all for some good news today! 

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