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UPenn vs BC MSW


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Hi! I just recently got accepted into both schools for the Macro program and am trying to weigh the pros and cons of each program. I love Penn but I don't know if I am getting any aid from them whereas BC gave me a very generous scholarship. I wanted to know if anyone has been in any of these programs and could talk about what they liked most or got out of their educations here. 

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Congratulations on getting in! I don't have any specific input for you on the difference between the programs, however looking back, good financial options make life going forward all the better. So unless there is a BIG pull to UPenn (I totally get that as a possibility) I would look at what the impact will be on you post graduation. Not that there sounds like a bad option between the two of them!!

Just my 2cents.


Best! Congrats again! 

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