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Oxbridge Interview Tips for Creative Writing MSt?

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I've posted this to the Questions forum of the website as well to expand its reach. Cambridge University has offered me an interview in the program to which I've applied, which is the Creative Writing MSt. As thrilled as I am to be given the opportunity to sit an interview for Oxbridge, I'm quite nervous (I don't know if my username gives that away), because I've only ever sat interviews for jobs and internships, never for academic entry. I've been watching YouTube to gather advice, as well as scrolling through Reddit. Has anyone who's ever sat Oxbridge interviews, ideally for Creative Writing, have any tips?

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Hey! I’ve applied as well and have an interview next week, but I’ve also been unable to find any advice in forums/chats about the interview. I’ve been prepping by watching videos as well and just trying to draft out sample answers or bullet points I’d like to cover. Good luck with your interview!

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