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UW-Madison vs. Yale for Chemistry PhD

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I have narrowed my list down to these two schools and I am trying to make the decision and would love an outside perspective!

Wisconsin Madison:


*Tons of labs that interest me, including a relatively famous PI who has shown interest in me

*a location that really appeals to me (though I have never been)

*good impression during visit days, people had good work life balance, the school seemed very supportive etc.



*stipend seems a little low (even taking into account COL) especially because you have to pay student fees and health insurance premiums

*students seemed a little aimless, like no one could really answer what are you planning after grad school? Career development did not seem to be a big focus

*far from family




*A select few faculty whose research I find very compelling and who have indicated I could work with them. My work is also closely adjacent to biophysics and Yale is one of the best places in the country for that research

*Very generous stipend (including a fellowship and great health insurance)

*Close to family 

*school name carries weight if I were to leave research


*location does not appeal to me

*most faculty I am interested in are new faculty and I worry about funding and tenure

*small department


Let me know what you think! Thank you!


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