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I applied for PhD applied Linguistics positions at both Lund University in Sweden and UiO(Oslo Norway). 

The deadline at Lund was March 1 and I've heard 0. Oslo Still take applications til April 1. Both are a September 1 start date. 


I feel I had a solid letter of application. I have an MA TESOL with a 3.8 gpa and a BA in Spanish language and culture with a 3.5 GPA. Lund was an open call, had 4 open positions,  and I found a professor there willing to supervise my corpus Linguistics projected. Oslo already a corpus Linguistics project going and 2 positions. I also contacted the head of that project and they were interested in my proposal. Personally I think I have a better shot at Lund. I do speak pretty fluent Swedish. 


Big thing: i don't have any publications. My MA was teaching focused and besides by capstone paper I don't have any proper study written/published. I feel like this will be my downfall. I'm eager to hear anything from Lund, even a no, no way. I just feel screwed in a way that my little state school didn't allow me the opportunity to publish. I know some may day well you should see it out elsewhere. I was battling severe mental illness so that wasn't an option. I was happy to get through. I'm just feeling really lost.

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