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Message from a current student?


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I talked to a current ph.d student who has the advisor that I had indicated on my application, before I submitted my application for the school. A few days ago, he basically emailed me and asked if I had heard back. When I said that I hadn't heard back yet, he replied with "It won't be too much longer... I know a few people who found out this week".

The department's website said that decisions would be in mid-March.. I am conflicted about what this means, or if it doesn't mean anything. Is it bad that I haven't heard yet, then? That's what I'm leaning towards. Would current grad students know of their advisor's choices??


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From my own experience, the advisor who pushed my application forward in the admissions committee had also mentioned my name to his graduate student. The student never emailed me, but later during the process while I was visiting the school, she kept 'cheerleading' his lab. She mentioned several times that Dr. XXX would like me to work as an RA in his lab and during the admissions process they had 'discussed' how my skills and expertise would fit in. It could be possible that your professor did the same. ALthough why he would share your email address and let his graduate student fill you in- is a little weird.

Hope for the best:)

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