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  1. Applying Fall 2013? Where?

    Hello! I'll be applying to doctoral programs in international ed/ ed policy (already applied to 2!): SUSE, Penn, HGSE, TC
  2. HGSE Fall 2013

    GRE Score: V 164, Q 170 AWA: 5.0 GPA: Undergraduate: 3.7, Graduate:4.0 Work Experience: 2 years of research in think tank, 2 years of ed experience overseas Undergrad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): West coast Ivy Research Experience: Yes, in work & grad school Applying for PhD or Masters: Ed.D (Ph.D will start in 2014-- office indicated that there was no way to 'switch' to the phd) Program: QPAE What Other Schools Are You Applying To: SUSE, Penn GSE, TC (possibly)
  3. West coast: UCLA's Advanced Quantitative Methods in Education (AQM) program is another you may want to look into.
  4. Comparing International Education Masters Programs

    delight, you said that everything was paid for in your experience. I am wondering, is this through TC, which is notoriously bad at funding? I'd like to learn a bit about what the prospective funding is like at TC (I am applying for the phd-level, but any insight would be great =).
  5. Harvard HGSE PH.D Approved... Consequences?

    Thanks Dizzi, your information is very helpful. I will definitely be keeping an eye out on any public releases of information, and may shout out again closer to the fall.
  6. As has been hinted on a few of these forums, the creation of a Ph.D program jointly offered by HGSE and FAS was approved... According to this article, there seems to be 1 more year of Ed.D admits ("HGSE’s Ed.D. Program, which will enroll its final cohort in the fall of 2013") which means that those applying fall of THIS year (not yet applied) will still be applying for the Ed.D. Does anyone know of any plans for how those in the Ed.D program would be allowed to transfer into the Ph.D program? I was considering applying this fall, but am very hesitant to be part of a last cohort of a certain degree..
  7. Stanford

    I noticed there was a another poster who received an email dated today. I still haven't heard anything though (SSPEP area). =T
  8. Stanford

    Did everyone get an email today? Did you NOT check the "master's" box option? I haven't heard anything so I'm wondering if I was just put into a master's pile.
  9. Anyone else applying to Ed programs this year?

    it looks like stanford has started admitting-- someone just posted an acceptance for last friday (13th). I guess it wasn't meant to be
  10. Anyone else applying to Ed programs this year?

    Hey Ejkim, From the "results" page, if you do a search on "education", the results (both good and bad) for UCLA came late-February last year. -JP
  11. Anyone else applying to Ed programs this year?

    For Berkeley, you are assigned a primary adviser and a secondary adviser. My faculty adviser accepted 2 people last year (or at least, she has 2 advisees in my cohort, maybe she accepted more?), with her as the primary adviser. I think that seems pretty common. My cohort is a total of 11 first year students, you can divide that by the # of faculty-- . The cohort is divided in PO (policy organizations) and QME (quantitative methods) and the faculty are pretty much split along those lines. When I say cohort, I mean students total.
  12. Anyone else applying to Ed programs this year?

    Ditto on the congratulations to all who got in so far! If anyone has specific questions about UCB"s POME program, feel free to PM or ask it on this forum.
  13. Anyone else applying to Ed programs this year?

    Hi, I am a 1st year at UCB's Policy, Organizations, Measurement & Evaluation program (Ed policy). My advisor is great & my cohort of students is great but because I became interested in economics of education, I applied to Stanford (only) this year, after discussing my interests with my advisor. I know that UCB did do interviews last year, not sure about this year.
  14. Anyone else applying to Ed programs this year?

    Hi MagicLogic, Your TOEFL score looks great.. I don't know what the average verbal GRE for international students are, but I know current int'l students in my phd program who prob did not pass the TOEFL. I am actually in a program right now, and 3 out of 11 are international students (UCB). Stanford is really really competitive; it surely helps to have your publications.
  15. Those of you that hear by phone

    I know that there are many factors, etc., in how faculty take new students, so I was being slightly facetious =) I am interested in ed policy, and I was responding to an earlier post about how someone thought getting rejection calls would be terrible, but actually, it made me feel pretty good. At least, the professor took time out of her very busy life to let me know why she hadn't taken me..