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Repeating Logic


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Lots of people didn't have their shit together freshman year (myself included). Showing commitment to continued learning and improvement is a good indicator of your seriousness, so I don't think this is something that will (or should) be held against you. This is also something your letter writers could mention if you point it out to them.

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7 hours ago, dasein69 said:


I am interested in applying for a Masters in Philosophy. Overall, my GPA is pretty good, barring a C I got in Logic my freshman year. I later retook it, and received an A. 

Will grad schools penalize me for this mistake, or will they only pay attention to my later improved grade?

I once had an ethics professor who admitted that when she was doing her PhD at SUNY, a large number among her cohort, including herself, tanked the Logic exam.  I believe she said that the Logic professor had to create an ad hoc scale to grade based on this poor outcome.

My point is simply this; non-math minds struggle in Logic.  In fact, I pulled As in most every course, excepting Logic.  I agree with @ShadyCarnot that the fact that you moved from a C to an A, demonstrates a movement from cursory to mastery of the subject.  I do not see this initial grade hurting you; unless, of course, you are pursuing a concentration in Logic.  Even in that case, there is usually an abrogating effect given the subsequent A that you earned on your second go.  Best regards.

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