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Long Island Programs?

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I am really fortunate to have been accepted to a few programs (all in Long Island, New York).  I am really having trouble deciding which program to choose. It will most likely come down to LIU Post, Hofstra University, or Stony Brook University. I am a bit hesitant about SBU since it is a new program, but it is significantly cheaper then the others. Any insight on any of these schools would be highly appreciated!

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hi!!! I am from Long Island and i went to SB for undergrad for bio and psych. I can't tell you anything about their SLP program because it had just started when i was looking into schools, but i personally did not apply because of how they were over the phone. This was back in december of 2019 and i wanted some idea of what the program would be like and they were disorganized and just said look online. I thought i'd called the wrong number at first.  I'd be interested in knowing how the program is. My friend went to LIU post and loved it. When i was looking into colleges she told me she loved her professors and honestly felt like the school prepared her well to become an SLP.

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Hey there, 

I'm from LI as well. I would recommend SB over LIU Post if you're trying to decide between LI schools. Personally, I think a master's is a master's, you're not going to become an expert in a specific area. There is a wide scope to learn and any accredited program will have to cover a swathe of topics so you can practice as a generalist clinician. I think the experience you get at your placements will more-so determine where you choose to work after grad school, so in this sense I would absolutely go with the program that is cheaper and will put you in less debt. 

That said, my two cents is that I can't speak to either program, but I do have a friend who went to grad school at LIU Post (different program) and another friend's mother used to work there. Both thought the professors were very nice, the problem there is that the President of the University is certifiable and had been making a lot of cuts and decisions that left employees disgruntled. I'm not sure what the story is now with the pandemic, but they were having some funding issues I believe. 

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