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Summer School Before Starting PhD

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I am reading about some summer schools in statistics or data science which are taking place (remotely) this summer, and since I find some of them interesting I thought you might, too. I'm not totally sure that all of these are open for anyone or whether they are just for in-house students or for undergrads, but my impression is that recent graduates are allowed to attend.

UT-Austin has a Summer Statistics Institute May 24-27.

Penn State has a Summer School in Statistics for Astronomers June 1-5.

Johns Hopkins has a Graduate Summer Institute of Epidemiology and Biostatistics June 14-July 2.

Princeton has a Deep Learning Theory Summer School July 27-August 4.

If you have experience with one of these programs, then I would be curious to know what you think the appropriate audience is, particularly whether someone gearing up for grad school (but not yet there) should consider attending.

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Hi @Nothalfgood, I'm also looking for some fun stuff to learn this summer! BTW I'm an incoming PhD student in statistics. Here's a page I found particularly helpful: https://github.com/sshkhr/awesome-mlss. If you want someone to form a study group or something, feel free to PM me.

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