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Ph.D. Education Waitlist 2021

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Just starting this thread for those who have been waitlisted and waiting to hear from programs!

I applied for my Ph.D. in Education (a bit different at each school for what...)

I got 3 acceptances and 2 waitlists. one of my waitlist (UCSD) is my top choice right now... just waiting... 

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I know, it's taking so long at UMD and OISE. I wonder if I got waitlisted or just ghosted...

It's hard to tell my chances at JHU. I think the interview went well. The program lead also said both interviewers were excited about my interview with them and that I would hear back before April 23...My potential supervisor said if any student declines an offer, a new position will open up. Strangely, I haven't seen any acceptance to JHU's education PhD program on the results page. I know some applicants don't post their results here, but there are at least some admits from previous years...

I hope you get off the waitlist at UCSD! Did they mention when you will hear back?

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Hmmm... well I'm sorry to hear that you have to wait so long! That's the more annoying part is the waiting game!

Well that's good new that they're really interested in you! GradCafe is such a hit or miss on who posts! As people are starting to weigh their options, I hope you get a chance to take a slot that wouldn't be a good fit for someone else ? 

Thank you for that ? they did not mention when I would hear back, only that it's rolling admission, so I assume when someone rejects their offer, they extend to someone else. I have no idea where I am on the waitlist, but my interviewer told me I was a strong and competitive candidate, so I'm still hopeful that they will remember that! 

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