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Theoretical linguistics: BU (MA) or Georgetown (MS)?


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hi everyone, I was recently admitted to bu and gtown for a masters degree in theoretical linguistics. I plan to do syntax research and then apply to PhD programs after the first year. I am not sure which program is more suitable for me. Here are some factors I am considering:

  1. BU is a one-year program but I can be a part-time student and have more time for research to graduate in 2 years. Gtown is 2-year, so I'd be a full-time student. I presume I'd have less time for research at gtown.
  2. By the time I apply to PhD programs, I'd have more classes on my transcript if I go to Gtown.
  3. BU seems to be much newer than Gtown, but Gtown is more known for its sociolinguistics and only has 2 syntacticians out of 25 professors/lecturers. 
  4. I already have a clear idea of what research to pursue if I go to BU, but not Gtown. 
  5. also BU hosted an open house for masters students. Gtown didnt, which gave me the impression that the program at Gtown doesnt value their MS students as much. 
  6. Not sure if this matters but BU offers an MA and Gtown offers an MS.

Is anyone familiar with the program at either of the schools? Does the ranking of your master's program matter when you're applying to PhD programs?

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