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Would a Spanish MA increase my possibilities of being accepted in an English/Comp. Lit. PhD in the future?

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Hello there!

The title is pretty self-explanatory, but apparently there's a high chance that I might be offered a TA to pursue a Spanish MA and I would really appreciate some advice. My plans at the moment were to directly pursue either an English or Comp. Lit. PhD, but I have been shut out by all the universities I applied to this Fall except the one that is offering me the TA (which has also waitlisted me for their English PhD). I don't know yet what's going to happen regarding the waitlist, but I would be okay with either transferring from one dept. to the other whenever I get the Spanish MA or reapplying for PhDs after earning it. The thing is, would a Spanish MA increase my chances of being admitted to an English/Comp. Lit. PhD? I guess regarding the second it could possibly help and I would like to write a thesis in which I address works written in Spanish and English, but I am not that sure about how this MA might increase my chances regarding English doctoral programs.

Thanks a lot beforehand for your help! ??

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