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Fall 2021 MA in Counseling (School, Clinical Mental Health, Career, College, etc.) Thread

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This falls into both psychology and education, so I'll post here – apologies if a thread already exists. If there's a better forum to repost this in, please advise.

I wanted to see if there were any folks here who applied/committed to School Counseling programs (both standalone and with mental health component embedded) or other similar ones. This is to provide others an opportunity connect, discuss concerns/excitements, share career goals, seek advice on decision-making, etc.

I was admitted to University of San Diego's 60-unit program for School Based Clinical Counseling (PPS + LPCC) and I committed! I requested to defer my admission to Fall 2022 so I can use the next year to save money, plan strategically, and sort things out. Really excited to pursue this dual track and I was thrilled to learn of my acceptance. After the group interview, I knew this program was the best fit for me. It's expensive, but I have some plans down on my road-map. 

What's your experience been?


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