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Course Work Question (Pre-Req) ENMU

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After completing some course work elsewhere, I have now enrolled at ENMU to finish up my pre-reqs for their SLP program. I am curious on how difficult their pre-req courses are... How well they are supported by professors vs not... 


I am currently enrolled:

Language Science (CDIS 303)  Weeks: 6/7-7/30 Professor: info not available yet

Articulation/Phonological Disorders (CDIS 311) Weeks: 6/7-7/30 Professor: Charlotte Mason 

Speech-Language-Hearing Anatomy and Physiology (CDIS 300) Weeks: 06/07/2021 - 07/30/2021 Professor: Nicole Bougie 


I am debating on adding another course, but unsure of how the course load would be. 

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Can't speak to Bougie, but I took A&P last summer through ENMU with Lacey Plummer. It was very straight-forward. We had an exam every week or two and 3 written assignments that were designed to be useful beyond the class (and they actually have been! Yay!). Doing anatomy and physiology online is definitely not ideal but I lived and am now doing just fine in my grad-level courses (although I DID have 2 separate anatomy classes as an UG with labs, so my understanding going into CDIS 300 was supplemented a lot by those experiences). I'd highly recommend drawing out diagrams to help cement concepts, especially when it comes to the anatomy of swallowing and the larynx. Obtaining an A&P coloring book could be helpful. Memorizing the cranial nerves and where they go is also really important down the line. 

I have a friend that really enjoyed the Language Science course (Plummer also teaches that one sometimes), but they didn't mention who their professor was. Mason has great reviews. 

I would not add another course for the 8 week session. 3 is doable but it's likely that you'll have more than enough to do with what you have if you plan to study and do assigned readings. 

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