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Looking for Visual Culture/Journalism/Media focused PhD programs


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Hi all, I've been trying to research PhD programs that have a more interdisciplinary approach - I have an MA in contemporary art history where I focused on public art and crime - but my PhD project will be focused on how art history is written, perceived and populated. This will involve the cult of celebrity, power and politics, gender studies, crime in the art world etc. I figured the best people to ask are those out there doing it!

Can you recommend programs that are quite contemporary and are not traditional in terms of their understanding of art history as a discipline? I've been through '21 apps and am on the wait list for Ryerson and McMaster but I assume I'll be re-applying next year. My list so far:

Edinburgh College of Art (Cultural studies? Art History)
U Chicago (art history w/ potential for joint degree)
Concordia (interdisc. humanities)
McMaster Comm-Cult (on WL)
Ryerson Comm-Cult (on WL, not particularly interested in attending)
McGill (was rejected this year)
CUNY (very worried about GRE, I can't do math to save my life)

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