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Applying for OSAP per term via extension? Is this a standard and reliable system?


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Hello!  I am a US-based Canadian in the midst of preparing a relocation back to Canada for my Master's.  My university has instructed me to apply for OSAP for Fall 2021 and then apply for an extension thereafter for Winter and then Summer terms.  It was explained to me that this is to verify that I am enrolled each semester.  My understanding of graduate student loans is that one applies annually per academic year, but I have been told that my graduate program is not constructed that way.  Because I will be relocating with dependents who will rely on funding for living expenses, I can not risk OSAP failing or falling through.  My questions are: 1) has anyone else experienced this and is it considered standard or unusual and 2) has the process been smooth and reliable for you?  3) Is there anything I should be aware and cautious of regarding term-based OSAP funding in your personal experience?  (PS I have verified that I am OSAP eligible.)  Thanks.

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