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Math for Demography and Sociology PhD


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I'm going to be applying for Sociology/Demography PhDs in the 2022 cycle. I'm interested in doing research that will certainly have a quantitative-focus. Is there a rule of thumb for what level of math I should come into the program with and/or what grades I should have in math classes? I have thus far heard everything ranging from people who had no math background to people that took advanced calculus, so I am curious if there is a minimum and/or average. For reference,  I am currently in a quantitative-focused Masters program, where I am getting my certificate in Data Science as well. I went up to Calculus l in undergrad.

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You'll be fine / a good fit with your MA. Most PhDs don't have anything explicit because soc departments are a balance of qual and quant research. From my understanding, there is no set requirement and you will have a required stats class or two as part of the curriculum. 


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