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PhD programs in cancer for international students


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Hi everyone, I'm applying for PhD for 2022 entry and given that I am a Chinese international student with a pretty niche research interest, I'd love some advice. 

Looking at the schools with my research interest in cancer evolution, I want to apply for Stanford Biosciences , Harvard SSQB or Biostats, MIT MEMP or CSB, Weill Cornell CBM, Sloan Kettering and University of Cambridge CRUK CI in the UK. I can only choose Cambridge if they offer me scholarships (I am applying for Gates-Cambridge), so this one might be the toughest of all to get in. 

Are any of these schools international friendly at all (I have heard Stanford biosciences basically have 1-2 international students per year, with COVID i can imagine it's only going to be worse?)

And I was wondering if I should add more schools to this list? Seems like all of these are somewhat impossible to get in as an international but I couldn't find many schools with faculty doing cancer evolution. However, i can also settle for a broader field of cancer genomics if I must. 

My stats in case it's helpful: University from the US with a degree in biochem (GPA 3.9+), and finishing a MS with a degree in comp bio (GPA 3.9+). Didn't have any experience in dry lab in college until I started my MS. 4 yrs of research by the time I apply this winter, and 2 papers in wet lab from college and 2 papers in dry lab (all mid-authors except one, middle IF journals). 

Please any advice would be helpful, I am a first gen so higher ed is completely new to me and my school advising is sort of useless because we don't have many international students.

Thank you so much!

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