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Statistics 2022 Profile Evaluation

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Hi everyone, I’m currently a graduating math major and I am interested in transitioning into statistics. I’m having trouble figuring out which programs are realistic for me especially given the lack of statistics coursework. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Undergrad Institution: top 10 US news

Major(s): Mathematics

GPA: 3.88

Type of Student: domestic male



Q: 170

V: 162

W: 4

Subject not taken yet


Coursework (completed)

Mathematics - undergrad-

Honors Calculus 1,2,3 - (A), Linear Algebra(proof-based) - (A), Honors Analysis 1,2,3 - (A), Honors Algebra 1,2,3 - (A)

Algebraic Number Theory - (A), Algebraic Geometry -(A), Topology - (A), Algebraic Topology - (A), Representation Theory - (A-), Reading courses - (A)



Graduate Analysis 1,2,3  - (B+,B+,A), Graduate Geometry 1,2 - (A-,A-), Graduate Algebra 1,2,3 (A-,A,A)


Statistics -

intro statistics for non-majors - (A), Probability (proof-based) - (A), Graduate Measure-Theoretic Probability (A)


Computer Science-

Intro computer science 1, 2 - (A-,A)


Future coursework

Considering taking some additional graduate stat courses as a non-degree student.


Research experience

Attended some REU’s, but they were not focused on research. Wrote expository papers but they were on topics in algebra. 


Letters of recommendation

Will be asking math professors which I’ve taken courses/reading with.


I’m mainly wondering what schools I should be looking at. Given the lack of statistics experience would it be better to apply to a masters program before a phd? I am also wondering how much my graduate analysis grades will hurt me?

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You definitely should not apply to masters programs.  If your letters are good, you probably don't have to apply out of the top 30 and you have a shot at some top 10s (US News rankings).  There are some really good programs throughout the top 40, so I'd look through them to find a good fit and have some safeties.  As long as your letters are good, I don't think the analysis grades will hurt you that much.  Especially outside the top 10 programs, schools don't get many domestic applicants who've taken grad analysis at top 10 schools, so I can't imagine them holding it against you much.

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You should directly go for PhD if your goal is a PhD. Your grades and mathematical background are very impressive. If you are from a school that is known for grade deflation, your grades in grad analysis won't hurt you, since they are hard courses and students in those classes are usually very smart. I would say that you have a very good shot at top 10s and even top 5s. Just to be on the safe side, I would also add some schools in the 20-30 range such as Penn State/Minnesota.

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