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Choosing grad schools (am I being too ambitious?)




I'm planning to apply to grad schools this year (for fall 2022 admissions). I'm a little nervous about my grad school list. 
I want to pursue a Ph.D. in Biological/Biomedical Engineering. 
Interested Research Areas - Computational Biology/Medicine, Omics, Bioinformatics, Neural Engineering.

Undergrad - Electronics and Communication Engineering; GPA - 8/10 (First Class with Distinction)

Masters (in my undergrad institution) - Biomedical Engineering ; GPA - 8.5/10  (recipient of Merit Scholarship)

Research Experience - ~3 years (since my undergrad) ; first author of two papers (IEEE Conference and Springer Peer Reviewed Symposium). A couple of manuscripts on the way (will complete them before I apply to grad schools). I have worked in 2 labs since my Undergrad.

My Dream Universities:   MIT BE , JHU , DUKE , GEORGIA TECH


(Will be giving GRE in July, hope to perform reasonably well)

Am I being too ambitious?? ?

Any suggestions about which schools might be a 'safe' for me?


Thanks :)

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Once you have made the decision to go to graduate school, the next step is to research programs that match your interests and fit your needs. Don't limit yourself at this point, but instead gather information on a broad range of programs.

Based on your research interests, I'd recommend taking a look at WashU. It's a great school and it seems like they're making big changes and expanding their research more.

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