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Environmental Engineering PhD Fall 2021 Applicants

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Hi all, 

I wanted to start a thread for the upcoming application cycle for EE. I want to start making my list of schools, but honestly I have no idea how competitive I am and which programs/schools are competitive since US News only gives like the top 10 in EE and I do not know of any other reliable resources to go to for that information. If someone could direct me to the right resources and help me make a good list I would really appreciate it. 

A Little about me:

I completed my BE and MSE in Environmental Engineering at the same institution which is a mid-tier program at a public university in Florida. 

BE GPA 3.1

MSE GPA 3.5 

I am going to have three really strong rec letters from my thesis advisor, my program director (who taught me multiple courses at undergrad and grad level), and another full professor who taught me multiple courses. All three were on my thesis committee. 

I have one second author publication in a mid tier hydrology journal 

Between my BE and MSE, I spent three years working as a high school science teacher. 

I spent a year and a half working in a wastewater treatment research lab during my master's which is also my thesis lab. 

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IMHO, the fact that you have Bachelor and Master degree from US schools implies that you stand high chances, not to mention your strong Rec. Letters.

I have the full list of US News's Electrical Engineering ranking for the years of 2018 and 2015. Inbox me if you want a copy :")

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