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undergrad vs grad school grades for PhD applicant (Epidemiology)


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Hi all,


I've just discovered grad cafe - this is my first post. I am planning to apply to a handful of Epi PhD programs for Fall 2022. 

I am wondering - broadly - about the importance admissions committees give to graduate GPA vs undergraduate GPA. My undergrad was 15 years ago in a completely unrelated field (foreign language) and is only ~3.2 . My grad school MS is in quantitative data analysis is recent and is 4.0, so obviously much higher and much more related to epidemiology.  But I know graduate school in general has the reputation of inflated grades, so I don't know how much weight committees would give it. My undergrad GPA is below the average for a few schools I'm interested in and I don't know if my grad GPA might potentially make up for it. Thoughts?

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