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Any info on art history program at Warwick & U of Leeds?


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I've found some programs that seem interesting, but I really can't find much information outside the program website. So I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge on these programs. If anyone could tell me anything relevant to these programs that would be so much help!! Thank you in advance!

Warwick - History of Art and Visual Studies

U of Leeds - Social History of Art 

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Hi there! I toured U of Leeds for this program, and found that the program was super flexible in terms of allowing students to focus on topics not traditionally seen as "Art History." An example provided to me by the director fell largely in cultural studies vs. art history. It seems like it is very much a "what you make it" style program. I wasn't in love with Leeds the city, and even though it sounded like a great program, it didn't seem to suit me based on the structure I desired (also, it would have been expensive as an international student). I would say it's worth a conversation with their director or one of their faculty.

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