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Hi all,

I'm not sure this post is in the right place (if not, my apologies), but I'm just wondering if anyone who has been admitted to a PhD program in Socio-Cultural Anthropology could share a little about themselves! I keep seeing all the reject/admit posts, and, as a prospective applicant-- I'm currently in an MA program, and will be applying to PhD's in the fall--I'm curious to know more about the students behind the decisions.

So, could Anthropology PhD applicants describe themselves? What kind of undergrad? Post-grad experiences? MA? Other life experiences? Relationship to prospective university/advisors? Where did you apply, and where did you get in?


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Try cross-posting your question to the anthropology sub-forum as well. It doesn't look too active these days, but you might be able to get a few responses from anthropology students there. Look for the intro- and results- threads which I'm sure they must have had--those could be helpful to you even if no one is around the forum there right now.

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