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What type of schools and programs can I get into?


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Hello everyone, 

My name is Chris and I am a recent graduate of The College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. It is an undergraduate school where I received a Bachelor's of Arts in Psychology. I graduated with a 3.66 GPA, interned at University of Massachusetts Medical School, volunteered in my professor's Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, and also volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester. Since graduating, I am unsure of what opportunities are out there for me. I have no real mentor and I do not know how to search for graduate programs or where to begin. My main question is do I even have the credentials to get into a graduate program?. Am I competitive enough to get into Master's programs? If so, which schools? Please respond to this post with any possible guidance you have. 

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What kind of a graduate program are you interested in? What kind of career would you like to have? From your post it isn't clear, and the advice will differ significantly if, for instance, you're asking about a master's in psychology vs. a master's in accounting. 

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