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De novo protein design/protein engineering: PI/School PhD


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Hello all,

For the past day or so I have been trying to find PIs at different grad schools that work in, or related to, the following departments: biophyics/bioinfomatics/biochemistry (any life science/interdisciplinary field that can be or is involve in protein design). Another criteria is that their labs work must contain or solely focus on de novo protein design. Here I have complied a list of PIs with their school info. Some schools have more PIs that work in protein design that I did not list and some PIs are in more departments that I did not list. Also, the Rosetta commons website has a list of labs that may be associated with protein design listed here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vioXjH-8xocRARNIzebzjvUaDAQoEiAvTOdj0vt0znQ/edit#gid=0

I was wondering if anyone has anymore PI/schools in mind that I do not have on my list (US schools only)?




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